A New Look and Lighting in the Dining Room

About a month ago I shared some pretty big changes I made in the living room with a beautiful new sectional sofa and a new, improved layout of the space. As you know, our living and dining room are one, big open space, and you probably noticed that our big dining room table was no longer where it used to be! I’ve been waiting a few weeks to finish up some projects in the new dining room, and this week the sun finally came out and I was able to get it all photographed for you guys! Welcome to our new (okay… not really new, but on the other side of the room and much prettier!) dining room!

This dining room shares space with a living room, but maximizes style and looks stunningly fresh. [Continue reading…]

Favorite White Paint Colors

The best white paint colors for interiors - from warm ivory to bright white and everything in between. Use this guide to pick your perfect white!

A few weeks ago I shared my favorite gray paint colors with you guys to make picking the perfect color for your home just a little bit easier. I got such a great response on that post that I'm continuing this paint series today with the next color I get asked most often about... white! I've slowly transitioned almost every room in our farmhouse to white walls because I love how bright, open, airy and light it makes the house feel. All the … [Continue reading...]

Our Living Room Over The Years

See how this small farmhouse living room transformed and evolved over the years from dark and dated to light, bright and beautiful!

Oh boy... you're in for a treat today, my friends. A few weeks ago when we got our new sofa for the living room, I was thinking about just how much this space has changed over the years. From the time we moved in 5 1/2 years ago to now, this room has seen four different couches, two new paint colors, six coffee tables, one wall opened up, and a million other smaller changes along the way, and it's kind of crazy to think back on where our little … [Continue reading...]

Apple Turnovers

Delicious apple turnovers with a flaky pastry crust, apple cinnamon filling, and sweet vanilla glaze

Decorating our home and sharing that journey with you is one of my absolute favorite things to write about on the blog, but I still enjoy cooking and baking so much and miss coming up with recipes that my family loves and I think you will love as well. This year I've made it a goal to share more recipe posts on the blog again because as much as we adore looking at pretty spaces, we all have to cook for our families everyday, and I want to start … [Continue reading...]

DIY Side Table

How to build a simple, inexpensive table that is perfect as an end table or nightstand!

It's not something I talk about on the blog a lot, but if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably know that I opened up a little shop here in Indiana this past summer! My first love will always be blogging and sharing our home and decorating ideas here, but opening up a store where I can sell the items I love and use in my own home has been such a dream come true. I love coming up with beautiful, creative displays for the shop and … [Continue reading...]

More Seating in the Living Room

A beautifully bright living room that maximizes space and seating with a stunning sectional sofa for a look that is open, airy and spacious.

A couple weeks ago I was sitting in the living room on my laptop trying to answer emails one night, and I saw a big sale that was going on till midnight. Naturally I got distracted (no surprise there), and the next thing I knew I had ten windows open of different couches that caught my eye and were on major markdown. Since Christmas I've had in my mind that I'd like to play around with the furniture layout in the living room and find a way to add … [Continue reading...]

12 Ways to Style Kitchen Counters

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

Kitchen counters can be fun to decorate, but can also be rather challenging. You want your kitchen to have lots of personality and style without adding items that just take up precious counter space and create visual clutter. Some of us are blessed with large kitchens and plenty of countertop real estate, and some of us are working with smaller kitchens where every inch matters. Either way, you want the accessories you choose to add purpose and … [Continue reading...]